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Metaholic: on 3/17/08 at 0:46am UTC, wrote what if the universe is expanding, because consciousness is growing? in...

David George: on 3/14/08 at 21:33pm UTC, wrote What if the dark matter phenomenon is due not to the presence of exotic...

William Orem: on 3/12/08 at 20:24pm UTC, wrote The good news is, it's foundational either way. In one version, a whopping...


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Time to Think
Philosopher Jenann Ismael invokes the thermodynamic arrow of time to explain how human intelligence emerged through culture.

Lockdown Lab Life
Grounded physicists are exploring the use of online and virtual-reality conferencing, and AI-controlled experiments, to maintain social distancing. Post-pandemic, these positive innovations could make science more accessible and environmentally-friendly.

Is Causality Fundamental?
Untangling how the human perception of cause-and-effect might arise from quantum physics, may help us understand the limits and the potential of AI.

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Physicists are using optogenetics techniques to make a rudimentary agent, from cellular components, which can convert measurements into actions using light.

Think Quantum to Build Better AI
Investigating how quantum memory storage could aid machine learning and how quantum interactions with the environment may have played a role in evolution.

September 23, 2020

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TOPIC: Do You See Dark Matter? [refresh]
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Blogger William Orem wrote on Mar. 12, 2008 @ 20:24 GMT

The good news is, it's foundational either way.

In one version, a whopping 4% of the energy density of the universe is baryonic. Another way to say this, of course, is almost everything that exists is completely unknown to us—and since it doesn’t interact, quite possibly unknowable (in a direct sense). The entirety of physical science up to the 1970’s, that is to say, has been...

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David George wrote on Mar. 14, 2008 @ 21:33 GMT
What if the dark matter phenomenon is due not to the presence of exotic particles, but to the rotation of the space surrounding the galaxy? This would require a rethinking of the concept of space, but it seems that space is already an odd concept: is it a physical entity or a measurement of distance? If space is a physical entity there are possible scenarios of universal evolution outside the conventional Big Bang scenario of extreme heat and density, etc.

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Metaholic wrote on Mar. 17, 2008 @ 00:46 GMT
what if the universe is expanding, because consciousness is growing?

in the Omega point at the non-end of times, the thermodynamic arrow of time will lose it's fight against evolution's propensity to dense up information, and the probability of the even has travaled back in time, before the pan-galactic noosphere merge of the future.

Too psychedelic?

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