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January 18, 2022

CATEGORY: Questioning the Foundations Essay Contest (2012) [back]
TOPIC: Questioning the Foundations by Russ W Otter [refresh]
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Author Russ W Otter wrote on Jun. 15, 2012 @ 12:22 GMT
Essay Abstract

A review of what we know and cannot know regarding the Infinite concept of the Alpha and the Omega. A clear definition of the term "Beginning", and the failure of finite sentient beings to comprehend the un-circumscribed Infinite realm of space and time. Or the possibility of a beginning, if such a question is even relevant. Additionally, a review of thermodynamics, and the nature of natural forces to establish continuous motion, a heretofore heresy to far too many.

Author Bio

A self-taught physics layperson, enthralled by the subject matter of the ages: That of Infinity, Time, Space, and the Alpha and the Omega, along with quantum physics, entanglement, and the potential bridges between the infinite and the finite. Which is a twain, that will never truly meet, yet does every day! Author of "Swimming in Cosmic Soup" and some BLOGS...

Download Essay PDF File

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Sridattadev wrote on Jun. 21, 2012 @ 18:10 GMT
Dear Russ,

You have come beautiful close to that infinite truth that lies with in us with your essay. We always have the infinity with in us. Science, religion and spirituality are just different means of exploring and expressing that absolute inner truth.

I have put to gether some thoughts on the infinite nature of our being as you did at Conscience is the cosmological constant.. I hope that you will enjoy reading it.



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Russ Otter replied on Jun. 21, 2012 @ 20:36 GMT
Dear Sridattadev,

With great appreciation for your reflection of my thoughts - I deeply thank you. I look forward to reviewing your writtings...

Cheers and Love,


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Russ Otter wrote on Jun. 22, 2012 @ 14:48 GMT
Dear Sridattadev,

You are a kindred soul. Your mathematical view of the singularity, the infinity, speaks to the truth. A truth, I think your programing skills, will forever keep both local and non-local all within the same moment.

I especially was taken with you phasing that neither infinity nor truth is part of the human experience, sort to speak… A humorist and truth teller in one!

As the Cosmological Constant survives…

As we ponder, the physics of the universe(s), I just wrote the following that relates somewhat to you theme, or so I believe so: So I will share my draft with you. It is a paradox, which is our cosmological constant, forever and a day…

Motion equals Mass

Motion is Mass. So it goes that all things are in motion; so the idea of a massless particle is flawed exponentially so. Yet we keep asserting such particles, such as protons and gravitons, as massless? Show me a proton without motion and I will show you a world without form or electromagnetism, as we know it. It does not exist.

Now, I will surmise that dark matter and dark energy, may be of a motionless nature, which defies identification or form in a traditional sense. Such a motionless mathematical formula tied to our motion based world, may be the balance and genesis that makes sense, and will lead to new vistas of knowledge, along with a new vista of questions.

Time will tell.

Still, my presumption for dark matter and dark energy. Is just that. A random leap into the possibilities, without a scrap of knowledge, only presumptions for the speculative mind to ponder. More central to my theme is that Motion produces Mass, and we are captives to that mass based world… In all we do or know today.

Show me a massless particle and I will show you a measurement system that is lacking.

Further on this subject: Is that enigmatic world of a black hole, which, exudes to me, the impression of density so great as to imply no motion or the restriction thereof. However it takes the opposite to achieve a black hole, which has a motion quotient that is faster than the speed of light, to reflect its own existence. Hence once again, Motion equals Mass on a weighted particle scale relative to its motion.

So the question arises: At an ultimate Density, if that were possible, does motion cease. And if it ceases, what transpires at that moment? A Big-Bang, a new dimension, or even dark matter or dark energy?

These are the quests I find of intriguing interest.

All the very best to you,


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Sridattadev replied on Jun. 22, 2012 @ 17:57 GMT
Dear Russ,

Thank you for your kind and supportive thoughts on the truth that I experienced and shared here. Your approach on motion equals mass is very relevant in relative existence. Only a live being or being in motion can experience mass. Hence a dead person cannot. But what is death? something in that being stopped to be in motion and came to an absolute rest, that is the conscience. Some scientists may argue that a biological death is not complete, untill all the cells of the body disintegrate completely, but to which extent is that point complete, till all the atoms, electrons, protons and quarks and so on cease to move? There are only two possible states for the entire universe to be in. Absolute rest or relative motion. That point of absolute rest is the singularity. As you know anything can be brought to that point of absolute rest and hence singularity is every where (virtually). Now to explain the concept of black hole, when that absolute resting state (singularity or universal i or conscience) starts to vibrate (think or wish), the vibrations are faster than the speed of light and eventually the vibration slows down to the point of speed of light and matter (slower vibrating version of the same energy, and hence e=mc^2) and becomes the sentient being and tries to realize it self. In truth black hole is a white hole and vice versa. This is the mechanism by which the universe goes to absolute rest and back to relative motion. So scientists are not wrong in saying that God is dead as i consider god is that state of absolute rest. May be that is how the phrase Rest In peace was coined as people have known of the existence of this absolute state of rest which is peaceful. Enlightenment is the realization of the existence of this absolute resting state and mastering the way to reach to that state at will. God exists in those who are enlightened. This state is very peaceful. Loving everything you are is the best way to attain that peace. All I wish for humanity is to realize this absolute truth and be blissfull.



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Sridattadev replied on Jun. 23, 2012 @ 13:32 GMT
Dear Russ,

Absolute rest = singularity = infinite motion

zero = i = infinity

A further explanation of the dynamics of black hole / white hole is as follows,

In the journey of self realization, one's ego is the event horizon. On one side of this ego is the duality of existence where one sees one self to be a separate entity from everything else and there is no other side but singularity, you will know what i mean shortly. When one starts questioning ones existence absolutely is when one begins the journey to the univeral truth. This is like jumping into a black hole or going beyond one's ego, from there one searches for one self every where (infinite thoughts go through ones mind, this is like that infinite motion that occurs inside a black hole and hence the density increases tremendously towards infinity) and ultimately finds the self in everything (phenomenon of superposition in quantum mechanics) and this is attaining singularity. To the one realized all the black holes and white holes are connected and there is only one singularity, one absolute eternal infinite immortal being or the universal i. Multi verse interpretations of the scientific community is an outcome of relativistic quantum view of the singular universe. If universe is the question, i is the answer. Great many have manifested on this planet from this universal i as human masters to enlighten the rest of the sentient human beings and will continue to do so. As the human being is a sensory being, universal i has aided in the advent of scientific experimentation as a means of understanding and getting closer to the truth. This is universe conversing with thy self.



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Russ Otter replied on Jun. 23, 2012 @ 16:45 GMT
Dear Sridattadev,

By now, you do know that you are on to something…

Your inner peace is a transparent element of your focus in a world of chatter and distractions that you keep within context, and understanding. You should write a book, to solidify the paradox’s you have come to realize, as the core of what we are.

I am impressed, with your dissertation on my “Motion is Mass” draft. I usually do not sense being trumped, but you know the subject matter as and better than I. I find traditional knowledge, lacking in so much, when it involves infinities, which seems obvious to me. But you have taken it a step further, by mathematical formula’s, and a consciousness which, understands what I am speaking about. Few ever do…

Keep working on your path… So much is left to the unknowns, and the potentials science can bring to us, will change the world for the better. It will unify us from our disparate forms, and communication will become the key to our better understandings of each other.

I have a BLOG with some essays, you may find of interest. Prehaps, “Everything is Nothing and Nothing is Everything”, or “It Only Takes One Thing”, will be of interest.

With Love and Peace my friend,


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Georgina Parry wrote on Jul. 10, 2012 @ 11:59 GMT
Dear Russ,

I enjoyed reading the thoughts you have shared in your essay. Unlike some of the other essays you have very clearly said what basic physical assumptions you think are wrong and given your opinion as to why. So well done there. I don't want to argue about what you have written. However one of your remarks "We are forever trapped in a continuum that defies understanding....." jumped out at me because it is something I argue against in my own essay. We are not in my opinion trapped in a continuum forever- which I think is a cruel and merciless scenario.It is an unnecessary assumption because everything can be as it is without a space-time continuum, as I explain. I hope you get the time to take a look. Thank you for sharing your work. I hope you get lots of appreciative readers as the competition continues.

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Russ Otter replied on Jul. 10, 2012 @ 15:54 GMT
Dear Georgina,

Your own essay, which is brilliant, by the way and will receive a great rating from me, argues over and over again, even with your quotes from others for my argument. And I do believe without exception, that Infinity, or Endlessness is Cruel and Malicious. I agree, as it is the ultimate mental jail, we are trapped within. If you are claustrophobic, you are in trouble. However there is one release value, and that is the endless growth of “Knowledge”, which finite sentiency is forever capable of. And must be, to justify the paradox of the finite and the infinite. Or said another way, this paradox is the essence of existence itself. As it could be no other way.

Knowledge is insatiable, due to the absolute fact that infinity is insatiable. Infinity just as knowledge is forever a ponderable and yes cruel and malicious fact – in fact. It is the one thing that assails me with fear of the trapped nature I find myself in. With exception, if I give up to the infinite, then I do not think anymore, and am no longer trapped. It is a duplicitous, and paradoxical reality, I cannot escape.

If I could escape then infinity is no more than a false and finite misnomer, and that is not possible, by its own very real nature.

I hope this explains my position in a way that marries in with your thesis, as your thesis is not in conflict, from my perspective.

It is what it is…

I wish you great success, deeply and sincerely. Albeit your work, already speaks to that fact.

Cheers, Russ

PS… I have a series of Essay’s @ Perhaps they will shed some additional thoughts as to why I believe, as I do.

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James Lee Hoover wrote on Jul. 11, 2012 @ 18:54 GMT

Is there a beginning to the universe?

"So as a finite being, you are forever separated from the infinite, and visa-versa."

Is death the end of the finite adventure or the beginning of the infinite or?

That's the question many ask. Religions have an answer.


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Russ Otter replied on Jul. 11, 2012 @ 20:17 GMT
Dear Jim,

These are the types of questions, one has to really answer for themselves.

For me, I will explain my reasoning for each of your questions:

1. Is there a beginning to the Universe?

a. The simple answer is NO. However, if you believe that “Time” is momentary, as I do, then the Universe or Universes are created in every moment, so the answer would be “Yes” in that sense. But for all intense and purpose behind your question for me, the answer is an absolute “NO.” As Infinity, or a beginning presupposes that nothing existed before the Big Bang, and something surely did exist before. That is the conundrum of “Infinity.”

i. NOTE: As well the Big Bang is only our Universe, as you look at the CMB, and beyond, there is much more to space than our small little universe.

2. Yes we are separated from the Infinite, as we are finite matter. And Infinity, cannot be circumscribed. Infinity is beyond understanding. If it were understandable, then it would be defined. And anything that is defined, is “Finite.” Infinity by definition cannot be defined. Again, if it were, it would be finite, hence not infinite. It is a paradox, which is the engine that runs the Universe(s). Without the Infinite and the finite, we would be non-existent, and the nature of Space and Time, would not allow for that. Read my Essay “Infinite and Finite” @ .

3. Death again is a question, no one knows about. I am agnostic, as I have to be to be honest with myself. But for me, when I die, I will become part of the Infinite, and depart the finite.

4. Religions, and Cultures, formed answers before, we had much science through the shamans, and spiritual leaders to find purpose.

a. Today, we have with the Galileo’s, and Copernicus’s of the world - have found new answers to these old traditions of mythology and hope for purpose, that religion and culture developed. So we are slowing changing some of our previous superstitions, such as burning witches, and so on. I believe we are becoming a more loving world, as we release on some of the behaviors religions and ancient cultures gave us. Such as killing infidels, and so on.

b. Important to note Religion and some cultures gave us the “Golden Rule”, and values of the greatest measure of good too. So you have to decide for yourself which parts of Religion you accept and which you must abandon.

Hope this answers some of you thoughts, but they are the most difficult of questions, as science even tells us we do not understand very much in this Universe(s).

Thanks for the questions, and All the Best to You,


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Anonymous replied on Jul. 25, 2012 @ 19:17 GMT
personally I beleive strongly that we continue our road of imrpovement towards this universal perfect sphere and its spheres. It is wonderful and fascinating.

The informations , bosonic and fermionic , seems eternal and on the pure road of spherization optimization. I beleive simply that we continue after our death, our work of pure universal complementarity.

ps I said Kalil Gibran without the m.

In all case we are all babies of this Universal sphere, we evolve and we must help for an universal harmonization spherization. We make errors but the evolution proves that the errors disappear on the entropical arrow of time. Perhaps that after our death, we are pure light and we travel inside this physicality and we retrun inside a new baby, a kind of intelligent creation correlated with our brains, on an other planet of an other galaxy. Perhaps that we can have 1 cm or 8 or 15 meters.Perhaps that we are totally different with our forms also,but I beleive that several foundamental are everywhere(eyes,brains,glands,...). With all the colors possible. A sure thing is that this consciousness and this intelligence continue their roads(the singularities in optimization). If we consider an Universal sphere and a central sphere, the biggest BH where all turns around.So we can imagine a kind of return in life after death.Perhaps it is the real message of reincarnations.We continue a road inside this sphere. Thei aim is to evolve in correlation with the pure harmony.

Pass the message to Bangalore :) all is linked

spherically yours :)

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Russ Otter replied on Jul. 27, 2012 @ 16:29 GMT

I agree completely that the infinite and the finite a purely linked. The finite could not exist without the omnipatent infinite. But they are separate by nature: One is confined, and one is ubiqutous. This distinction, makes them both linked and separate in function. One more paradox for the road of physics...

Thanks, Russ

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Author Russ W Otter wrote on Jul. 12, 2012 @ 17:19 GMT
In my essay, I truncated the end and referenced a section from a previous essay. I believe I should have added it to the orginal text, as many may not follow-thru and read it. So I am choosing to added it here: It is Section 3, of Ref [2]: Smart Energy Now:

Smart Energy Now…

Natural Forces in nature provide multiple endless Energy models, without expending fossil...

view entire post

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Gurcharn Singh Sandhu wrote on Aug. 24, 2012 @ 07:16 GMT
Dear Russ,

I have read your essay and I appreciate your viewpoint.

I believe various contributions from many like-minded authors can definitely make a difference in the emergence of a consolidated un-orthodox viewpoint needed to remove some of the major weaknesses, contradictions and fantasies from current Physics.

As you know, with arbitrary assumptions we can build wonderful fantasies. But to come close to building a model of reality, we must use barest minimum of assumptions and such assumptions that are used must be plausible and compatible with physical reality. For this reason I think FQXi has chosen a most appropriate topic for this contest.

You are also requested to read and comment my essay titled "Wrong Assumptions of Relativity Hindering Fundamental Research in Physical Space".

Best Wishes

G S Sandhu

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James Putnam wrote on Aug. 24, 2012 @ 19:08 GMT
Dear Russ Otter,

You say with regard to "Is there a beginning to the universe?" that "It is an absurd notion to suggest, that nothing ever existed."

To say there is a beginning of the universe does not require that one also be saying that nothing existed before.

Regarding your pointing the reader to your 'Continuous Motion' ... 'is possible via a couple of mechanical approaches.' You had several unused pages for which you could have restated and improved your case in this essay. My opinion, without going to your pevious essay, is that your idea is incorrect.


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Russ Otter replied on Sep. 5, 2012 @ 17:58 GMT
Dear James,

Thank you for reading my thoughts… First, I believe we may have different definitions for the term “Universe”. I do not speak about merely the Big Bang Universe, as that is a paltry example - next to the Infinite Universe it resides within. My point was to clarify that many people believe in a beginning and an end to the Infinite. NOT POSSIBLE, whether something is there or not there, is of no concern. As Infinity and its workings are there and always will be. Our minor universe(s) will come and go, but the Universe of Infinity, will go nowhere…

Second, you judgment about being incorrect in my energy thesis, puts you in the majority! But to grasp the essence of my core thinking, you have to reach beyond our “Energy” conventions with fossil fuels primarily and examine the natural energies, that exist in every moment. Capturing those is as you say “mechanically” incorrect to the majority. But of course I defer to the possibilities, which have their own logic. Still you are correct, as most people will agree with you. And it would be a surprise if it were developed, as it is basic science, and should have been in the marketplace long ago…

Cheers, Russ

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Hoang cao Hai wrote on Sep. 19, 2012 @ 15:53 GMT

Very interesting to see your essay.

Perhaps all of us are convinced that: the choice of yourself is right!That of course is reasonable.

So may be we should work together to let's the consider clearly defined for the basis foundations theoretical as the most challenging with intellectual of all of us.

Why we do not try to start with a real challenge is very close and are the focus of interest of the human science: it is a matter of mass and grain Higg boson of the standard model.

Knowledge and belief reasoning of you will to express an opinion on this matter:

You have think that: the Mass is the expression of the impact force to material - so no impact force, we do not feel the Higg boson - similar to the case of no weight outside the Earth's atmosphere.

Does there need to be a particle with mass for everything have volume? If so, then why the mass of everything change when moving from the Earth to the Moon? Higg boson is lighter by the Moon's gravity is weaker than of Earth?

The LHC particle accelerator used to "Smashed" until "Ejected" Higg boson, but why only when the "Smashed" can see it,and when off then not see it ?

Can be "locked" Higg particles? so when "released" if we do not force to it by any the Force, how to know that it is "out" or not?

You are should be boldly to give a definition of weight that you think is right for us to enjoy, or oppose my opinion.

Because in the process of research, the value of "failure" or "success" is the similar with science. The purpose of a correct theory be must is without any a wrong point ?

Glad to see from you comments soon,because still have too many of the same problems.

Regards !


August 23, 2012 - 11:51 GMT on this essay contest.

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Russ Otter replied on Sep. 22, 2012 @ 17:47 GMT
Dear Hai.Caohoang,

Congrats on your submission... I just finished reading it, and found it an open-book as to the questions of life! Such as your question: Does there need to be a particle with mass for everything have volume? That is a question, that is larger than our understanding currently, and perhaps infinitely. That is the nature of many of your questions, they are part of an infinite landscape, that will forever push us forward to seek answers.

Many questions in life are too large for our knowledge, as finite sentient beings, contained in the indefinable scope of the infinite.

Your final paragraph, discussed god. That is also a question to big a question for finite beings to honestly answer. Therefore, I must be an agnostic on that issue. That is true of much regarding physics, and philosophy. They are married, regardless of choice.

I would be happy to work with you, as you mentioned, as two heads are better than one..., but I would first have you read my Essay's @ , in order that you understand my answers to many of your questions regarding physics and life.

Cheers buddy, and all the best in your pursuits to learn. Science is the truth still unraveled,


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Hoang cao Hai wrote on Sep. 24, 2012 @ 05:25 GMT
Dear Russ W Otter

If we inference on the overall scale : there will be no beginning or end.

But when we look at a limited scale on a particular object or event, such as: a house, a person or a state as well as a planet or a planetary system, there must always be a beginning and end of that limit.

It seems the term "universe" are using is called of "visible universe" or more specifically our solar system.

Unfortunately, we still do not have a specific definition for "universe" which we want to find out.

Therefore, the discussion often arises unnecessary disagreements like this.

It would be more interesting if you written more than in the essay.

It looks like you in favor of Theology and Religion.

In view of and the absolutely theory of me, there is no boundary between Science and Theology or Religion and Science.

Would be very happy if I can help you something and vice versa.

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James Lee Hoover wrote on Sep. 28, 2012 @ 22:02 GMT

For this contest, I decided to go through essays of interest and see what responses I got to my own essay. There are over 250 entries, so I narrowed down my evaluations. For only those who responded, I decided to reread and provide my evaluations before time expired, not making it a popularity contest but keeping in mind that I entered for an exchange of interesting ideas, whether I agree or not.


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Sergey G Fedosin wrote on Oct. 4, 2012 @ 09:54 GMT
If you do not understand why your rating dropped down. As I found ratings in the contest are calculated in the next way. Suppose your rating is
was the quantity of people which gave you ratings. Then you have
of points. After it anyone give you
of points so you have
of points and
is the common quantity of the people which gave you ratings. At the same time you will have
of points. From here, if you want to be R2 > R1 there must be:
In other words if you want to increase rating of anyone you must give him more points
then the participant`s rating
was at the moment you rated him. From here it is seen that in the contest are special rules for ratings. And from here there are misunderstanding of some participants what is happened with their ratings. Moreover since community ratings are hided some participants do not sure how increase ratings of others and gives them maximum 10 points. But in the case the scale from 1 to 10 of points do not work, and some essays are overestimated and some essays are drop down. In my opinion it is a bad problem with this Contest rating process. I hope the FQXI community will change the rating process.

Sergey Fedosin

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Russ Otter wrote on Nov. 27, 2012 @ 23:36 GMT

Thank you for the feedback... I am personally A-OK with the system, as all I intend to do is to contribute to my own heretical tales of truth, as we all pursue them. In other words, sharing is my prime motivation, not winning... The importance of moving forward in the world of physics, takes a team... And I again I just want to share my thoughts.

However, I am not immune to such rewards!

Cheers Always, Russ

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