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paul valletta: on 10/20/07 at 0:53am UTC, wrote So what if the Electron contains a "space-like", singularity, and the...

December 6, 2022

ARTICLE: A Deeper Understanding [back to article]
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paul valletta wrote on Oct. 20, 2007 @ 00:53 GMT
So what if the Electron contains a "space-like", singularity, and the Photon has a corrosponding "time-like" singularity?.."spacetime" as one, in the context of Einsteins theory of GR, would have continuos functional parimiters in Macro systems, whilst having discrete and non-local functional parimiters at the (planck-scale?).

In a macro domains, the fact there is continuous varying distance between structures, ie observers and locations permits a "spacetime" field of observation. The compacted domain of QM do not allow certain volumes to "share" locations, spacetime splits into separate and discontinous paths. If spacetime structures have a direction quantities, then if one squeezes them to a finite and compact volume, then, say the up-spin of a Photon, would be "overlapped" with its down spin state, they would reverse?

Entanglement shows this at quantum levels, then as the Electrons and Photons are the usual detected quantities needed for observational spacetime "reality", then one would expect there would be a "broken" or sperated spacetime at a certain finite limit, an Electron space singularity, and a Photon time singularity, moving away in the wrong directions?

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