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If you are aware of an interesting new academic paper (that has been published in a peer-reviewed journal or has appeared on the arXiv), a conference talk (at an official professional scientific meeting), an external blog post (by a professional scientist) or a news item (in the mainstream news media), which you think might make an interesting topic for an FQXi blog post, then please contact us at with a link to the original source and a sentence about why you think that the work is worthy of discussion. Please note that we receive many such suggestions and while we endeavour to respond to them, we may not be able to reply to all suggestions.

Please also note that we do not accept unsolicited posts and we cannot review, or open new threads for, unsolicited articles or papers. Requests to review or post such materials will not be answered. If you have your own novel physics theory or model, which you would like to post for further discussion among then FQXi community, then please add them directly to the "Alternative Models of Reality" thread, or to the "Alternative Models of Cosmology" thread. Thank you.

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February 7, 2023

Welcome to the FQXi Forum!

Here, anyone—specialists and non-specialists alike—can discuss anything concerning foundational questions in physics, cosmology, and related fields.

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High Energy Physics (12 topics)
high energy unification physics, physics beyond the standard model, string theory, loop and other quantum gravity theories

Cosmic Origins (1 topic)
origin of the universe, inflation and eternal inflation, predictions of eternal inflation, cosmological initial & boundary conditions, alternatives to inflation

Cosmology (15 topics)
cosmology after the first 'instant,' dark matter and dark energy, early universe physics, gravity and modified gravity, mysteries in astrophysics

Complexity (4 topics)
complexity and life, self-organizing structures, reductionism v. holism, consciousness and the brain, life elsewhere

Ultimate Reality (30 topics)
fundamental nature of reality, nature of time and space, nature of physical laws, interpretations of quantum mechanics, physics/mind/mathematics, ontology and epistemology, multiverses and the anthropic principle

Technology (3 topics)
breakthrough technologies, technology based on advances in fundamental physics, quantum computation and information

Physics Announcements (5 topics)
job vacancies for physicists, conferences, meetings, and other announcements


Blog (609 topics)
Contributions by FQXi members dedicated as bloggers.

Article Discussions (226 topics)
A vibrant discussion about the articles posted in the FQXi Community site.


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