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Show Me the Physics!
May 8, 2014 - November 14, 2014
The Peter and Patricia Gruber Foundation and John Templeton Foundation

February 7, 2023

2014 Show Me The Physics! Video Contest Winners

Top Prize Winners

Top Prize

Award: $10,000

Dagomir Kaszlikowski

"Seeing Without Looking"

Top Prize

Award: $10,000

Marc S├ęguin

"One Physics To Rule Them All (This Is Physics, part 1)"

Top Prize

Award: $10,000

Xiangjun Shi

"Why Do I Study Physics?"

Audience Favourite Prize

Award: $3,000

Tim Blais

"A Capella Science - Bohemian Gravity!"

Young Scientist Prize

Award: $3,000

David Hamilton

"The Cool Physics of Refrigeration"

Special Prize: Most innovative educational content

Award: $2,500

Karl Coryat

"How Gravity Makes Things Fall"

Special Prize: Best analogy for simplifying a complex idea

Award: $1,350

William De Rocco, Katie Colford

"What is Supersymmetry?"

Special Prize: Most inspiring

Award: $1,350

Neil Sardesai

"Physics - What Will You Discover?"

Special Prize: Most visually appealing

Award: $1,000

Andrea Garza, Pamela Garza

"Having fun no matter what"

Special Prize: Funniest video (Most LOLZ)

Award: $500

Evan Campbell, Chris Moskowec

"Physics' Big Break"

Special Prize: Most entertaining historical account

Award: $500

Lauren Lange

"The Story Of Count Volta"

Special Prize: Cutest reaction to Physics

Award: $100

Saad Sarwana

"3 Year old discovers bernoulli principle"

Special Prize: Best Portrait of the Life of a Physicist

Award: $100

Lucina Melesio Friedman

"The All-There-Is"

Special Prize: Most Imaginative Storytelling

Award: $100

Nidahl Haddad, Madeleine Richter

"Piezoelectricity: A Love Story"

Special Prize: Most Effective Earworm

Award: $100

Sabine Hossenfelder

"I saw the future"

Special Prize: Most Enthusiasm for Physics

Award: $100

Robert Bender


Special Prize: Most Public Votes

Award: 2-year subscription to SciAm

Teresa Mendes

"Physics Needs A Paradigm Shift"

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