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Steve Dufourny: "ps the clifford algebras also are important in my theory, the aim being to..." in Is Causality Fundamental?

Steve Dufourny: "what I find relevant is that he try to unify the electromagnetism and this..." in Is Causality Fundamental?

Steve Dufourny: "Hi Mr Snowdon, I beleive indeed that there is a link with the rotations of..." in The Nature of Time

Jim Snowdon: "Hi Steve, We are inclined to assume that time exists, as the..." in The Nature of Time

Steve Dufourny: "I repeat this simple general intuitive idea, what are your thoughts? .... ..." in Undecidability,...

Steve Dufourny: "You know Tejinder, I don t want to destroy the works of strings theorists,..." in Undecidability,...

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Lockdown Lab Life
Grounded physicists are exploring the use of online and virtual-reality conferencing, and AI-controlled experiments, to maintain social distancing. Post-pandemic, these positive innovations could make science more accessible and environmentally-friendly.

Is Causality Fundamental?
Untangling how the human perception of cause-and-effect might arise from quantum physics, may help us understand the limits and the potential of AI.

Building Agency in the Biology Lab
Physicists are using optogenetics techniques to make a rudimentary agent, from cellular components, which can convert measurements into actions using light.

Think Quantum to Build Better AI
Investigating how quantum memory storage could aid machine learning and how quantum interactions with the environment may have played a role in evolution.

Outside the Box
A proposed quantum set-up that could predict your game-playing strategy resurrects Newcomb’s classic quiz show paradox.

August 4, 2020

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