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Jim Snowdon: "If the Earth did not have it`s rotational motion, people on the dark side..." in The Quantum Clock-Maker...

Jim Snowdon: "If we found the magic switch and turned the Earth`s rotational speed to..." in The Quantum Clock-Maker...

Georgina Woodward: "Video uploaded to YouTube. 'Adjusting Future, Past and Present' ..." in The Nature of Time

Stefan Weckbach: "From time to time I stumble across certain inconsistency pearls that may at..." in The Present State of...

Stefan Weckbach: "Hi Lorraine, I agree and I also agree about the PR that comes along as..." in The Present State of...

Georgina Woodward: "The two kinds of time are 1. foundational; change in the existing, material..." in The Nature of Time

Steve Dufourny: "The tools or systems are not really the problem in resume, it is how we..." in Global Collaboration

Mohammad Asadi-Dalir: "When I look at my awareness of things, I see that my consciousness is..." in Consciousness and the...

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Good Vibrations
Microbead 'motor' exploits natural fluctuations for power.

Reconstructing Physics
New photon experiment gives new meta-framework, 'constructor theory,' a boost.

The Quantum Engineer: Q&A with Alexia Auffèves
Experiments seek to use quantum observations as fuel to power mini motors.

The Quantum Clock-Maker Investigating COVID-19, Causality, and the Trouble with AI
Sally Shrapnel, a quantum physicist and medical practitioner, on her experiments into cause-and-effect that could help us understand time’s arrow—and build better healthcare algorithms.

Connect the Quantum Dots for a New Kind of Fuel
'Artificial atoms' allow physicists to manipulate individual electrons—and could help to reduce energy wastage in electronic devices.

October 22, 2021

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today in physics there are two fundamental approaches to time. The first and most common approach says we use clocks to measure the time component of space-time, space and time being confounded as the basis of physical reality. However this approach has no experimental support. There is no evidence whatsoever that clocks measure one aspect of space-time, and in truth we cannot observe space-time at all. The second approach here presented says time is merely run of clocks in...

Amrit and anyone else who thinks that time has no "arrow",

According to the Prime quaternion model subjective time most definitely has direction. All macroscopic objects are in continuous motion along the 4th dimension of the quaternion spatio-energetic continuum. This motion gives rise to subjective time, gravity and creation of matter at all scales. There is no stopping or going in reverse because this motion also holds all matter together. This motion can also be considered as decrease...

An arrow is a lethal quantum of action. It is a distant action but not a spooky one. Let's consider two two simultaneously shot bullets, one with positive "spin" the other one with negative. They have a good chance to coexist for some coherence length. However, I doubt that they might be suited to build a computer with the promised extraordinary performance. At least, I have no idea how to individually steer bullets in flight, while I recall claims that quantum computer are available. If I...

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