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What kind of programming does FQXi support?
  • Grants: (Open to all eligible candidates.) FQXi directs Grants through a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) at the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. While the DAF administers the grantmaking program, FQXi advises the DAF on what grants to make. Funding is provided as research grants to theorists and experimenters in support of personnel, equipment, travel, workshops, and experiments; some funding also targets projects that effectively disseminate information about foundational questions in physics and cosmology to laypeople. Proposals are subject to a standard competitive process of expert peer review similar to that employed by national scientific funding agencies, and will target research unlikely to be otherwise funded by conventional sources.

    FQXi is currently seeking funding to run additional RFPs.

  • Mini-Grants: (Open to FQXi Members only.) Over 30 Mini-Grants are available each year via a streamlined application process for travel, lecture programs, workshops, and other small projects initiated by FQXi Members.

  • Contests: (Open to all eligible candidates.) The Institute will support essay and other contests, with a number of prizes awarded for a variety of subjects, with the purpose of identifying and supporting pioneering thinkers, and stimulating interesting and innovative thinking on foundational questions.

  • Conferences: Two or more international Conferences will be convened during the first four years, to connect the Membership, share results, and disseminate supported research to professionals and the public.
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