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How can I get involved?

I am a scientist:
  • All qualified researchers with a deep interest in foundational questions are encouraged to apply to FQXi grants programs and participate in contests. Watch for announcements of these opportunities at
  • Large Grant winners and top Essay Contest winners are automatically given Membership to FQXi. Additionally, nominations from the Membership itself are solicited semi-annually. Subject to approval by FQXi, individuals with multiple nominations are invited as Members. Members may participate in FQXi in a number of ways, such as applying for Mini-Grants and recommending new initiatives.
  • There will also be a number of smaller workshops and conferences sponsored by FQXi. These will provide an excellent opportunity for the scientific community to participate in, and contribute to, foundational questions research.
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I am a member of the interested public:
  • serves as a central access point to both technical and non-technical talks and articles on foundational questions, and hosts a number of discussion Forums.
  • The Institute will make a strong effort to disseminate sponsored research to the public through popular-press articles (available on the FQXi Community site), and sponsorship of public lectures.
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I am a philanthropist:
  • The Foundational Questions Institute is a new concept in philanthropically funded research. Its continued success depends on the generosity of individuals and foundations interested in foundational questions of wide and deep interest to humanity. Because research into these questions is often poorly funded by conventional sources, even modest philanthropic support can have a large impact on this work. For more information about FQXi, please click here.

    Donations to FQXi can be sent to:
    Foundational Questions Institute
    PO Box 3022
    New York, NY 10163

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