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FQxI Members are an essential part of our organization and our mission. An FQxI Member is a researcher (theoretical or experimental, or both) or outreach specialist who works on topics within the purview of FQxI, has a mindset supportive of FQxI’s goals and philosophy, and has excellent credentials and significant research/outreach accomplishment, and promise.*

Member benefits include

  1. Eligibility to apply for Fulcrum Grants of $1,000 to $15,000 for travel, workshops, collaborations, equity work, and more related to questioning the foundations of science. These grants are for Members only.
  2. Invitations to international conferences hosted by FQxI (based on capacity).
  3. Posting privileges on FQxI’s Forums.
  4. Participation in a community with scientists and outreach specialists excited to explore the foundations of science.

Criteria for Nominations and Self-Nominations

  1. Is an exceptional researcher and/or has an exceptional record of outreach and equity work,
  2. Works on Foundational Questions in Physics or Cosmology,
  3. Has a Ph.D.,
  4. And their academic interests align with FQxI’s foundational themes.

*Note on our current Membership nomination process: We are reconsidering the way Members are invited to expand beyond just the people our current Members know. In the meantime, we have decided to open our call for Membership to all, not just FQxI’s Members.


Members are listed in alphabetical order. Use the search option (magnifying glass icon below) to find people by name or institute.





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Who can become an FQxI Member?

As shared above, an FQxI Member is a researcher (theoretical or experimental, or both) or outreach specialist who works on topics within the purview of FQxI, has a mindset supportive of FQxI’s goals and philosophy, and has excellent credentials and significant research/outreach accomplishment and promise.

Membership of FQxI is determined by nomination and is largely restricted to those who are active contributors to an academic community.

How do I become a Member?

There are three ways to become an FQxI Member:

  1. First, successful PIs of FQxI’s Zenith Grant programs are given two Membership nominations automatically.
  2. Second, FQxI solicits nominations from current Members on an annual basis. Subject to approval by FQxI, individuals with multiple nominations whose work fits within FQxI’s mission are invited as Members.
  3. Third, top FQxI contest winners (1st prize winners) are given one Membership nomination.

All nominees are reviewed by FQxI one to two times a year. A small number of these nominees, who fit all the qualifications shared above, are invited to become Members. Pending their acceptance of the invitation, they will become a Member.

Am I a Member if I have an FQxI web account?

Please note that an FQxI account (online access to log in to fqxi.org) does not constitute Membership.

I don’t qualify for Membership. How can I participate?

We encourage everyone interested in FQxI to participate through QSpace, as there are many options for community engagement there and in the forums.

Other options include entering an essay contest or reading past essay contest entries and joining the forum conversations.

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