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FQXi launched in May 2006 to catalyze and support research on the foundations of physics and cosmology. To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we're showcasing our top 10 most popular articles, videos, podcasts, essays and the 10 hottest discussion topics at the frontiers of physics, for the past decade. Thank you to the FQXi community, including our contributors, funders and visitors to our site.

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"Complexity: Living Systems from Cells to Cities"

Geoffrey West

"Boltzmann Brains and Eternal Inflation"

Sean Carroll

"Is the Multiverse Real?"

Max Tegmark

"Is Time an Illusion?"

Julian Barbour

"What is Time?"

David Eagleman, Paul Davies, Tim Maudlin, Raissa D'Souza and moderator Jennifer Ouellette.

"Is Consciousness a State of Matter?"

Max Tegmark

"What is Consciousness?"

Christof Koch and Giulio Tononi

"Does Time Exist?"

Julian Barbour and Tim Maudlin

"Neural Relativity"

David Eagleman


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The Many Lives of Hugh Everett III
Grace Stemp-Morlock

He certainly had a beautiful mind. This exceptionally gifted Princeton mathematician made key insights in game theory, yet throughout his life, he was haunted by personal demons. But this isn’t the story of John Nash, complete with Nobel Prize, best-selling biography and Oscar-winning movie. It’s the story of the equally compelling Hugh Everett III, the man who proposed the Many-Worlds theory of quantum mechanics.

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Thus, the problem of parallel universe for you, too, is of interest, I decided to write to you and ask to read twenty-first chapter, "Revelation," where, I think, St. John gives a symbolic description ofa parallel universe. My article "hereafter OR DIVINE UNIVERSEUNIVERSE" in Russian and English is available at www.tracts.com / MB.html, where I tried to decipher the 21 chapters of "Revelation."For me it is very important to know on this subject for your opinion.Regards Manfred Beglaryan. The...

David, if you don't accept the MWI, then I guess you believe Peter Byrne simultaneously both believed MWI and didn't believe MWI until you asked and he answered, at which point the wave function collapsed and he only disbelieved.

Whereas I think that in another universe, Peter Byrne does believe in the MWI, and that you have only discovered that you are in the branch where he doesn't.

As have I... :)

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