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FQXi Mini-Grant Winners

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Awardee   Institution Value   Project Title
Sabine Hossenfelder Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies $15,000 Tag Clouds against Groupthink
Matt Visser Victoria University $10,000 Observer-dependent Entropy
Jan-Ake Larsson University of Linkoping $10,000 Mini-workshop on ontological models and quantum computation
Farzad Nekoogar Multiversal Journeys $9,200 Physics of the Observer – A Documentary Film
Steven Gratton Kavli Institute for Cosmology and Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge University $8,456 Quantum Reasoning for Everyday Life
Tevian Dray Oregon State University $8,050 Magic Squares of Lie Groups
Tim Koslowski Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México $5,000 Workshop on Quantum Spacetime
Dmitry Budker Helmholtz Institute Mainz $5,000 Observer invariance and violation of Local Lorentz Invariance in low energy experiments
Catalina Curceanu Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati, LNF-INFN $4,900 Mini-workshop: Observers and Observations from Underground to Space
Dean Rickles University of Sydney $4,500 Oral history interviews of Penrose and Isham
Bernard Carr Queen Mary, University of London $3,500 Physics of the Observer Outreach Lecture
Tommaso Bolognesi CNR - ISTI $3,400 Mutual Information in weakly-coupled process-algebraic mutual observers
Craig Hogan University of Chicago $3,000 Measurement of Fluctuations in the Inertial Frame
Samuel Colin Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Fisicas $2,625 Research visit to the University of Tokyo
Hendrik Ulbricht University of Southampton $2,500 Rotational tests of quantum mechanics and gravity
Lajos Diosi Wigner Research Centre for Physics $2,000 Gravity related modifications of non-relativistic quantum theory
Fred Adams University of Michigan $2,000 Observers and the Multiverse
Jamie Vicary Department of Computer Science $1,500 PUBLIC WORKSHOP: "BUILD YOUR OWN QUANTUM COMPUTER!"
Thomas Durt Ecole Centrale de Marseille-Institut Fresnel $1,344 In quest of manifestations of self-gravity at the quantum scale : from theory to experiment.
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