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2013 Large Grant Awardees

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Awardee   Institution Value   Project Title
Laurance Doyle SETI Institute $25,000 Is Quantum Knowability Subject to Spacetime Warping?
Donald Marolf University of California, Santa Barbara $35,100 Black hole information and firewall singularities
Hector Zenil Wolfram Foundation and LABORES $41,531 MOOC Series Programme on Physical and Computational Sciences. First Series on the Physics of Information
Alexander Wilce Susquehanna University $42,400 Conjugates, Correlation and Quantum Mechanics
Veronika Hubeny Durham University $43,000 Measures of Holographic Information
Keith Schwab California Institute of Technology $44,216 Mesoscopic Mechanical Resonators as Quantum Noninertial Reference Frames
Giulio Chiribella Tsinghua University $48,300 The fundamental principles of information-dynamics
Steven Giddings University of California, Santa Barbara $49,762 Information-theoretic foundations for quantum spacetime and gravity
Noson Yanofsky Brooklyn College $49,924 The Algorithmic Information of Categories
Jens Eisert Free University of Berlin $50,000 Decidable and undecidable in quantum mechanics
Donald Spector Hobart and William Smith Colleges $50,000 Set Theoretic Forcing and Information Theory
David Wolpert Santa Fe Institute $50,000 A Semantic Information-Theory Model of Reality
William Wootters Williams College $50,000 Information and the origin of complex amplitudes
Sumati Surya Raman Research Institute $58,000 In Search of Covariant Quantum Information
Ian Durham / Dean Rickles Saint Anselm College / University of Sydney $59,762 Information and Interaction
Mark Van Raamsdonk University of British Columbia $61,060 Gravity and Information
Jonathan Oppenheim University College London $62,537 What are the laws of quantum thermodynamics?
Caslav Brukner Institute of Quantum Optics and Quantum Information $63,250 Quantum information without time and without causal order
Adrian Kent University of Cambridge $72,589 Information Theoretic Characterization of Quantum Reality
Gheorghe Paraoanu Aalto University $75,097 FACE-OFF
Jacob Biamonte ISI Foundation $86,700 inert vs. living matter: facing the ultimate challenge of aggregate matter physics
Wojciech Zurek Los Alamos National Laboratory $87,000 Physics of Information and Quantum Darwinism
Gerardo Adesso The University of Nottingham $90,000 Quantum Informational Framework for Cybernetics
Philip Goyal University at Albany (SUNY) $93,127 An Information-Theoretic Approach to Identical Particles in Quantum Theory
Raphael Bousso University of California, Berkeley $93,865 Information in Free Fall
John Barrow University of Cambridge $98,843 Reading Between the Lines: Information about Information
Dagomir Kaszlikowski / Pawel Kurzynski Centre for Quantum Technologies / Centre for Quantum Technologies; Adam Mickiewicz University $98,900 Operational and information theoretic meaning of contextuality
Iosif Bena Theiss Research $106,538 Black Hole Information, Microstates and Singularities
Woodrow Shew University of Arkansas $106,873 Physical Constraints on Mental Information Capacity and Information Output
Jonathan Barrett University of Oxford $119,888 Thermodynamic vs information theoretic entropies in probabilistic theories
Olimpia Lombardi Theiss Research $120,843 The nature of information for an informational reformulation of the modal-Hamiltonian interpretation of quantum mechanics
Patrick Hayden Stanford University $126,824 Entanglement, Monogamy and Holography
Susanne Still / Gavin Crooks University of Hawaii at Manoa / Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory $129,524 Foundations of information processing in living systems
Flavio Mercati / Tim Koslowski Perimeter Institute / University of New Brunswick $139,650 Information, Complexity and the Arrow of Time in Shape Dynamics
Paula Apsell WGBH $147,987 The Nature of Reality
Otfried Gühne / Adan Cabello / Jan-Åke Larsson University of Siegen / University of Seville / University of Linköping $162,265 The nature of information in sequential quantum measurements
Joseph Emerson University of Waterloo $163,128 Fundamental Tests of the Structure of Quantum Information with Neutron Interferometry
TOTAL   $3,003,483

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