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The FQXi podcast brings you the latest ideas in foundational physics and cosmology—and includes interviews with our members and other leading scientists. It's hosted by Zeeya Merali and Brendan Foster. You can contact us at, and follow us on twitter: @FQXi. The podcast is produced by Zeeya, and music is provided by Baltimore-based Diefenbaker.

Steve Dufourny: "In analysing even 100 000 billions of funds, it is not sufficient.It is..." in Science Funding in an...

Steve Dufourny: "Hello Eckard,I am thanking you very much.It is nice.Your general knowledges..." in Defining Existence

Eckard Blumschein: "Steve D, Cosine transformation and Fourier transformation differ in their..." in Defining Existence

Joe Fisher: "Although my brilliant essay, THE SIMPLEST UNIVERSE was rejected by the..." in Rescuing Reality

Eckard Blumschein: "Lorraine amd Max Tegmarck, Spatial distance and distance in terms of past..." in Defining the Observer

Lorraine Ford: "Eckard, The “observer” issue cannot be solved by tweaking the..." in Defining the Observer

Steve Dufourny: "Homo sapiens, sapiens,"universalensis" :) we evolve,an other step ....." in Science Funding in an...

Jim Snowdon: "Hi Vincent, I would refer you to my postings, that begin on..." in Q&A with Paul Davies:...

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Rescuing Reality
A "retrocausal" rewrite of physics, in which influences from the future can affect the past, could solve some quantum quandaries—saving Einstein's view of reality along the way.

Untangling Quantum Causation
Figuring out if A causes B should help to write the rulebook for quantum physics.

In Search of a Quantum Spacetime
Finding the universe's wavefunction could be the key to understanding the emergence of reality.

Collapsing Physics: Q&A with Catalina Oana Curceanu
Tests of a rival to quantum theory, taking place in the belly of the Gran Sasso d'Italia mountain, could reveal how the fuzzy subatomic realm of possibilities comes into sharp macroscopic focus.

Dropping Schrödinger's Cat Into a Black Hole
Combining gravity with the process that transforms the fuzzy uncertainty of the quantum realm into the definite classical world we see around us could lead to a theory of quantum gravity.

October 22, 2016

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The FQXi October 12, 2016 Podcast features:
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Creativity & Science
Bestselling science fiction author Neal Stephenson, artist Jayne Tollaksen, and musical physicists Ian Durham, Stephon Alexander & Brendan Foster chat about creativity in physics, novels, art and music, with Zeeya Merali.
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