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The FQXi podcast brings you the latest ideas in foundational physics and cosmology—and includes interviews with our members and other leading scientists. It's hosted by Zeeya Merali and Brendan Foster. You can contact us at, and follow us on twitter: @FQXi. The podcast is produced by Zeeya, and music is provided by Baltimore-based Diefenbaker.

jim h: "I'm seeing more and more buzz about QBism, but still no explanation of it..." in Painting a QBist Picture...

Joe Fisher: "Dear Peter, Please excuse me for I do not wish to be too critical of your..." in Painting a QBist Picture...

James Putnam: "Steven, "How do you feel about that?" Thank you for bringing this to my..." in Alternative Models of...

Georgina Woodward: "Kurt, I thought that even though you had presented some physics ideas..." in Alternative Models of...

Frank DiMeglio: "Gravity/acceleration involves balanced inertia/inertial resistance, as..." in 2016: The Physics Year in...

Frank DiMeglio: "'Black holes' reveal that gravity is ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy." in 2016: The Physics Year in...

Shaikh Raisuddin: "HUMAN MIND IS ARTIFICIAL ..." in Measuring Consciousness...

Lorraine Ford: "Re Goals: “There are un-pleasurable, even painful aspects to pursuing..." in FQXi Essay Contest 2016:...

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Painting a QBist Picture of Reality
A radical interpretation of physics makes quantum theory more personal.

The Spacetime Revolutionary
Carlo Rovelli describes how black holes may transition to "white holes," according to loop quantum gravity, a radical rewrite of fundamental physics.

Riding the Rogue Quantum Waves
Could giant sea swells help explain how the macroscopic world emerges from the quantum microworld? (Image credit: MIT News)

Rescuing Reality
A "retrocausal" rewrite of physics, in which influences from the future can affect the past, could solve some quantum quandaries—saving Einstein's view of reality along the way.

Untangling Quantum Causation
Figuring out if A causes B should help to write the rulebook for quantum physics.

January 24, 2017

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The FQXi December 31, 2016 Podcast features:
  • 2016 Countdown Part 2
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Individual Stories
2016 Countdown Part 2
Concluding our list of the top physics breakthroughs of 2016, as chosen by Ian Durham.
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Gravity/acceleration involves balanced inertia/inertial resistance, as gravity is ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy. Accordingly, a given planet sweeps out equal areas in equal times. So, inertia/inertial resistance is proportional to (or balanced with/as) gravitational force/energy; as this balances and unifies ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy AND gravity. This explains F=ma AND E=mc2, as ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy is gravity. The speed of light is inertial resistance.

'Black holes' reveal that gravity is ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy.

Hi Pentcho, it is necessary to separate what is happening regardless of observation from what is seen, as they are not the same. As the language used is not precise, 'the light' might be referring to the phenomenon occurring unseen in Object reality or the phenomenon that is seen, Image reality. If the observer moves towards the source the EM waves will be received more rapidly, increasing frequency of the seen product generated from the input. Yet the unseen EM waves, still in the environment,...

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