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Joe Fisher: on 3/19/17 at 15:49pm UTC, wrote Dear George Rajna, Please excuse me for I have no intention of...

Satyavarapu Gupta: on 3/17/17 at 23:43pm UTC, wrote Nice essay Rajna, Wonderful sentences!….. “The hypothesis that there...

Peter Jackson: on 3/16/17 at 18:48pm UTC, wrote George, A very interesting essay with some good & useful references. We...

Dizhechko Semyonovich: on 3/15/17 at 16:29pm UTC, wrote Dear, Джорджа rajna. I inform all the participants that use the...

Lee Bloomquist: on 3/14/17 at 23:28pm UTC, wrote Dear Mr. Rajna, These directions of information flow involving memory...

Héctor Gianni: on 3/14/17 at 19:15pm UTC, wrote Dear George Rajna I invite you and every physicist to read my work “TIME...

George Rajna: on 3/14/17 at 16:18pm UTC, wrote Essay Abstract The hypothesis that there may be something...


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March 28, 2017

CATEGORY: Wandering Towards a Goal Essay Contest (2016-2017) [back]
TOPIC: Information Flow in the Brain by George Rajna [refresh]
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This essay's rating: Community = 3.0; Public = 1.0

Author George Rajna wrote on Mar. 14, 2017 @ 16:18 GMT
Essay Abstract

The hypothesis that there may be something quantum-like about the human mental function was put forward with “Spooky Activation at Distance” formula which attempted to model the effect that when a word’s associative network is activated during study in memory experiment; it behaves like a quantum-entangled system. The human body is a constant flux of thousands of chemical/biological interactions and processes connecting molecules, cells, organs, and fluids, throughout the brain, body, and nervous system. Up until recently it was thought that all these interactions operated in a linear sequence, passing on information much like a runner passing the baton to the next runner. However, the latest findings in quantum biology and biophysics have discovered that there is in fact a tremendous degree of coherence within all living systems.

Author Bio

M. Sc., Physics at Eötvös Loránd University. The SOA Category Winner of the first Connected Systems Developer Competition of Microsoft in San Francisco 2005 with the Next Generation Court System - achieving also the Best Enterprise Mission Critical System Award FY 2005 of Bill Gates. Artificial Intelligence Researcher participated on the 1st World Computer Chess Championship in Stockholm, 1974. International Master of Chess and was among the Top 100 Players of the World in 1987.

Download Essay PDF File

Héctor Daniel Gianni wrote on Mar. 14, 2017 @ 19:15 GMT
Dear George Rajna

I invite you and every physicist to read my work “TIME ORIGIN,DEFINITION AND EMPIRICAL MEANING FOR PHYSICISTS, Héctor Daniel Gianni ,I’m not a physicist.

How people interested in “Time” could feel about related things to the subject.

1) Intellectuals interested in Time issues usually have a nice and creative wander for the unknown.

2) They usually enjoy this wander of their searches around it.

3) For millenniums this wander has been shared by a lot of creative people around the world.

4) What if suddenly, something considered quasi impossible to be found or discovered such as “Time” definition and experimental meaning confronts them?

5) Their reaction would be like, something unbelievable,… a kind of disappointment, probably interpreted as a loss of wander…..

6) ….worst than that, if we say that what was found or discovered wasn’t a viable theory, but a proved fact.

7) Then it would become offensive to be part of the millenary problem solution, instead of being a reason for happiness and satisfaction.

8) The reader approach to the news would be paradoxically adverse.

9) Instead, I think it should be a nice welcome to discovery, to be received with opened arms and considered to be read with full attention.

11)Time “existence” is exclusive as a “measuring system”, its physical existence can’t be proved by science, as the “time system” is. Experimentally “time” is “movement”, we can prove that, showing that with clocks we measure “constant and uniform” movement and not “the so called Time”.

12)The original “time manuscript” has 23 pages, my manuscript in this contest has only 9 pages.

I share this brief with people interested in “time” and with physicists who have been in sore need of this issue for the last 50 or 60 years.


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Lee Bloomquist wrote on Mar. 14, 2017 @ 23:28 GMT
Dear Mr. Rajna,

These directions of information flow involving memory recall-- the ability of researchers to alter memories by getting subjects to recall them, then add yet another memory to the mix then store, which will then be recalled during a later session as veridical memory--

Rather than a memory being an Object, it seems from these experiments that a memory is more like a Process, which is run in long term memory, or during recall, run in short term memory-- in either case called from and using computing power available there locally.

So for example, in The Dream Child Hypothesis, the memories from the womb, before the self has arrived, involve no recall of self because it hasn't yet arrived. But when the self does arrive, the memories are then run in short term memory in the presence of the self, and then after that, the newly arrived self is incorporated into the memory, in its running in long term memory, and therefore in subsequent recalls.

Before proprioception and breathing (and smelling), these memories involve no self. But after the self arrives-- along with breath, proprioception and smell-- these memories do then involve the self.

Would that be the same or different from what you are saying?



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Dizhechko Boris Semyonovich wrote on Mar. 15, 2017 @ 16:29 GMT
Dear, Джорджа rajna.

I inform all the participants that use the electronic translator, therefore, my essay is written badly. I participate in the contest to familiarize English-speaking scientists with New Cartesian Physic, the basis of which the principle of identity of space and matter. Combining space and matter into a single essence, the New Cartesian Physic is able to integrate modern physics into a single theory. Let FQXi will be the starting point of this Association.

Don't let the New Cartesian Physic disappear! Do not ask for himself, but for Descartes.

New Cartesian Physic has great potential in understanding the world. To show potential in this essay I risked give "The way of The materialist explanation of the paranormal and the supernatural" - Is the name of my essay.

Visit my essay and you will find something in it about New Cartesian Physic. After you leave a post in my topic, I shall do the same I


Dizhechko Boris

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Peter Jackson wrote on Mar. 16, 2017 @ 18:48 GMT

A very interesting essay with some good & useful references. We certainly agree on the importance of quantum scale interactions to consciousness. You nicely paint a very broad picture though with some nice detail. Mine has complementarity and goes further by identifying an actual classical mechanism producing the effects you invoke, so verifying your hypotheses but allowing a physical derivation (though I also identify why science can't progress using current thinking habits!

Yours also verifies mine in similar way, (though current interpretation still requires QM to be 'mystical'). Thank you for that. I do hope you appreciate and like mine too, and perhpas will watch the video which comprehensively derives all the supposedly unphysical effects of QM classically;

Classic QM

Very nicely done, hitting the important part of the topic, and the language use is steadily improving too. A top mark on the way to compensate for the 'trolling' your score seems to have n been hit by (mine too; 7 times!).

Best of luck


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Satyavarapu Naga Parameswara Gupta wrote on Mar. 17, 2017 @ 23:43 GMT
Nice essay Rajna,

Wonderful sentences!….. “The hypothesis that there may be something quantum-like about the human mental function was put forward with “Spooky Activation at Distance” formula which attempted to model the effect that when a word’s associative network is activated during study in memory experiment; it behaves like a quantumentangled system.

Which comes...

view entire post

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Joe Fisher wrote on Mar. 19, 2017 @ 15:49 GMT
Dear George Rajna,

Please excuse me for I have no intention of disparaging in any way any part of your essay.

I merely wish to point out that “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955) Physicist & Nobel Laureate.

Only nature could produce a reality so simple, a single cell amoeba could deal with it.

The real Universe must consist only of one unified visible infinite physical surface occurring in one infinite dimension, that am always illuminated by infinite non-surface light.

A more detailed explanation of natural reality can be found in my essay, SCORE ONE FOR SIMPLICITY. I do hope that you will read my essay and perhaps comment on its merit.

Joe Fisher, Realist

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