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Wandering Towards a Goal
How can mindless mathematical laws give rise to aims and intention?
December 2, 2016 to March 3, 2017
Contest Partner: The Peter and Patricia Gruber Fnd.

Trick or Truth: The Mysterious Connection Between Physics and Mathematics
Contest Partners: Nanotronics Imaging, The Peter and Patricia Gruber Foundation, and The John Templeton Foundation
Media Partner: Scientific American


How Should Humanity Steer the Future?
January 9, 2014 - August 31, 2014
Contest Partners: Jaan Tallinn, The Peter and Patricia Gruber Foundation, The John Templeton Foundation, and Scientific American

It From Bit or Bit From It
March 25 - June 28, 2013
Contest Partners: The Gruber Foundation, J. Templeton Foundation, and Scientific American

Questioning the Foundations
Which of Our Basic Physical Assumptions Are Wrong?
May 24 - August 31, 2012
Contest Partners: The Peter and Patricia Gruber Foundation, SubMeta, and Scientific American

Is Reality Digital or Analog?
November 2010 - February 2011
Contest Partners: The Peter and Patricia Gruber Foundation and Scientific American

What's Ultimately Possible in Physics?
May - October 2009
Contest Partners: Astrid and Bruce McWilliams

The Nature of Time
August - December 2008

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Dizhechko Semyonovich: on 4/7/17 at 4:37am UTC, wrote Dear Sirs! Physics of Descartes, which existed prior to the physics of...

Don Limuti: on 3/17/17 at 23:24pm UTC, wrote Hi James, You have my admiration. To say that the emperor (standard...

Satyavarapu Gupta: on 3/16/17 at 12:40pm UTC, wrote Nice essay Carter, Your ideas and thinking are excellent for eg… Any...

Joe Fisher: on 3/14/17 at 16:33pm UTC, wrote Dear James Carter, Please excuse me for I have no intention of...

Steve Dufourny: on 3/10/17 at 19:22pm UTC, wrote Hello Mr Carter, I didn't know this expermiment and resulst.It is...

Peter Jackson: on 3/10/17 at 10:36am UTC, wrote James, Excellent essay. Nicely written, set out and argued. Vladimir my...

Vladimir Tamari: on 3/10/17 at 1:55am UTC, wrote Dear James I enjoyed going over your essay but rather quickly - I realized...

James Carter: on 3/8/17 at 16:40pm UTC, wrote Essay Abstract When Einstein first used his equations to predict...


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Watching the Observers
Accounting for quantum fuzziness could help us measure space and time—and the cosmos—more accurately.

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Is there are sweet spot where artificial intelligence systems could have the maximum amount of consciousness while retaining powerful quantum properties?

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July 23, 2017

CATEGORY: Wandering Towards a Goal Essay Contest (2016-2017) [back]
TOPIC: How Einstein’s Mindless Mathematical Laws Fail to Lead to a Rational Explanation of the Pound-Rebka Experiment by James Carter [refresh]
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Author James Carter wrote on Mar. 8, 2017 @ 16:40 GMT
Essay Abstract

When Einstein first used his equations to predict the transverse gravitational red shift of photons and the gravitational slowing of clocks, the effect was so small that it seemed impossible to measure. It was not until four years after his death that the effect was finally accurately measured in the laboratory. In 1959, Robert Pound and Glen Rebka made very accurate measurements of both red and blue transverse Doppler effects in the momentum of gamma ray photons produced by vertical differences in gravitational escape/surface velocity esV between the top and bottom of Harvard’s Jefferson Tower. The measured values of this experiment do not support Einstein’s downward pointing theory of gravity.

Author Bio

James Carter is a freelance theoretical physicists who specializes in theories of atoms, photons, gravity, and the Big Bang creation of matter.

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Vladimir F. Tamari wrote on Mar. 10, 2017 @ 01:55 GMT
Dear James

I enjoyed going over your essay but rather quickly - I realized that I agree with you in general - that Einstein was right even though he was wrong ( perfect phrase may I use it in future?) However responding to the many cases you cite met with two difficulties - 1- you describe very specific experiments and results that require lengthy study, and 2- you use concepts such as the photon and I assume you regard it as a particle, not merely a quantum of wave energy an idea I am trying to refute. In my fqxi essay I have tried to show that Einstein, even though he was brillianty right, was simultaneously wrong on many counts and has led us now to a virtual dead end in physics.

Best wishes,


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Peter Jackson wrote on Mar. 10, 2017 @ 10:36 GMT

Excellent essay. Nicely written, set out and argued. Vladimir my have missed your comment re 'photons'. I agree it would have benefited from an earlier disclaimer of 'ballistic particles' but that's always a dilemma, and largely semantic.

Most importantly I agree your arguments are substantially correct. If you've followed fqxi for a while you might have seen essays and blog...

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Steve Dufourny wrote on Mar. 10, 2017 @ 19:22 GMT
Hello Mr Carter,

I didn't know this expermiment and resulst.It is intriguing indeed.I consider this weakest quantum force in the cold.Dark matter not bbaryonic seems the aswer and BHs also.I have inserted quantum BHs also and particles of gravitation encircling this standard model permitting the equilibrium between thermo and cold.Harvard seems wanting ti find this quantum gravity?I found in all humility.Here is my equation E=m(b)c²+m(nb)l² with quant and cosm 3D sphères Inside an universal 3D sphere in spherisation optimisation of matter energy.See that we have a gravitational aether instead of a luminiferous aether from the centralm sphre, the biggest spherical cosmological volume,the biggest BH producing the speedest spherons, particles of gravitation.This gravitation seems the main primoridal chief orchestra.The photons are in fact spherons coded possessing a serie primordial of uniqueness.Probably the same serie that our cosm finite serie.The primes seems relevant for the groups.The paradox is that this weakest force is in the same time the strongest with these quant BHs farer than nuclear gluonic forces.Spherons them are encoded weaker in forces than electrom forces of photons.These photons are just a fuel coded by this gravity.Don't hesistate to ask détails,I will answer with pleasure.We must explain this quant gravity after all :)

ps they turn so they are these 3D sphères....


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Joe Fisher wrote on Mar. 14, 2017 @ 16:33 GMT
Dear James Carter,

Please excuse me for I have no intention of disparaging in any way any part of your essay.

I merely wish to point out that “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955) Physicist & Nobel Laureate.

Only nature could produce a reality so simple, a single cell amoeba could deal with it.

The real Universe must consist only of one unified visible infinite physical surface occurring in one infinite dimension, that am always illuminated by infinite non-surface light.

A more detailed explanation of natural reality can be found in my essay, SCORE ONE FOR SIMPLICITY. I do hope that you will read my essay and perhaps comment on its merit.

Joe Fisher, Realist

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Satyavarapu Naga Parameswara Gupta wrote on Mar. 16, 2017 @ 12:40 GMT
Nice essay Carter,

Your ideas and thinking are excellent for eg…

Any “theory” of gravity must present metaphysical assumptions to show the physical measurements of upward gravitational motion and force to be false. Gravitational expansion is a principle of measurement that details how we feel the force of gravity with our bodies and what gravity does and looks like when we...

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Don Limuti wrote on Mar. 17, 2017 @ 23:24 GMT
Hi James,

You have my admiration. To say that the emperor (standard physics) has no clothes (is not quite right) takes a lot of courage. This keeps physics alive and kicking in spite of the Mad Max's of this world. The second ref below shows a way for attractive gravity can imitate repulsive gravity.

Check out my website:



Thanks for your essay.

Don Limuti

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Dizhechko Boris Semyonovich wrote on Apr. 7, 2017 @ 04:37 GMT
Dear Sirs!

Physics of Descartes, which existed prior to the physics of Newton returned as the New Cartesian Physic and promises to be a theory of everything. To tell you this good news I use spam.

New Cartesian Physic based on the identity of space and matter. It showed that the formula of mass-energy equivalence comes from the pressure of the Universe, the flow of force which on the corpuscle is equal to the product of Planck's constant to the speed of light.

New Cartesian Physic has great potential for understanding the world. To show it, I ventured to give "materialistic explanations of the paranormal and supernatural" is the title of my essay.

Visit my essay, you will find there the New Cartesian Physic and make a short entry: "I believe that space is a matter" I will answer you in return. Can put me 1.


Dizhechko Boris

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