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May 27, 2016


Please read this entire page before using the FQXi Forum. Your participation in the Forum indicates your acceptance of the Terms of Use, including the Appropriate Content Rules, as detailed below.


The FQXi Forum is a service provided by the Institute to further discussion on topics concerning foundational questions in physics, cosmology, and related fields. It is intended for FQXi Members, scientists, outreach specialists, and the public—that is, everyone!


The FQXi Forum consists of posts, submitted by anyone, on a variety of topics related to foundational questions in physics, cosmology, and related fields, organized into six main categories listed on the Forum's home page.

To view or participate in a discussion, start by clicking on a category of interest and reviewing the topics within that category. You may read or contribute to any topic, or, if there isn't yet a topic on your subject of interest, feel free to start your own.

Within in each topic, there are multiple 'threads', representing different, simultaneous conversations. To comment in a particular thread, click on 'reply to this thread'. A window will appear, in which you can enter your post. To start a new thread, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and use the window under the heading 'Add a New Post'.

Terms of Use

Your participation in the FQXi Forum indicates acceptance of the following Terms of Use:

  1. Access to the FQXi Forum is a service provided to the public by the Institute, for educational purposes only.

  2. The Forum may only be used in a manner consistent with its purpose, as detailed in #1 above. Use of the Forum in any other manner is prohibited. Violators may have their access to the Forum revoked, as detailed in #3 and 4 below.

  3. Forum topics or posts that are deemed by FQXi to violate the Appropriate Content Rules (below) will be deleted immediately. The Institute is the sole and final arbiter of appropriate content. Forum users are encouraged to report violations of the Appropriate Content Rules by clicking on the "report post as inappropriate" link associated with each post.

  4. Users who repeatedly violate the Appropriate Content Rules, as detailed in #3 above, may have their access to the Forum revoked. Access to specific individuals may be revoked at any time at the sole discretion of the Institute.

  5. Forum posts may not contain information that is copyrighted by anyone other than the author of the post, unless properly cited, and, if possible, linked to the reference.

  6. FQXi and its staff, Members, and representatives disclaim responsibility for the content in the Forum, including its accuracy and appropriateness.

Appropriate Content Rules

Per the scientific and educational purposes of the forums, users should adhere to a code of conduct where they discuss in a civil, helpful, and constructive way. Users should only post comments or questions that they would also make in person, in a professional public setting, such as a classroom or seminar hall.

Posts that do not contribute to constructive discussion will be removed. In particular, posts must be appropriate for an academic workplace; that is, comments should not contain language or content that is:

  • Rude or disrespectful;

  • Combative or overly aggressive;

  • Unpleasant or offensive by common workplace standards;

  • Targeted at individuals, rather than at science content.

To enable useful discussions, posts should also not contain language or content that is:

  • Outside of the scope of the forum topic;

  • Overly repetitive, including comments repeated in multiple forums;

  • Incomprehensible or extremely lengthy;

  • Commercial in nature.

We encourage forum users to think of themselves as part of the discussion community. Users can help maintain quality forums by flagging comments that don't meet the above standards. Flagged comments undergo a secondary review by FQXi staff, and FQXi is the sole arbiter and enforcer of these rules.

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