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Steve Agnew: "It would be much more reasonable to presume that the tensor to scaler ratio..." in Dust Settling on the...

Steve Agnew: "Very good. I like to see people who do not give up easily. You should not..." in Alternative Models of...

Thomas Ray: "What debate? You just keep repeating these claims that have no basis in..." in Your Invitation to FQXi's...

John Merryman: "Tom, Forgive my ignorance, but I'm not seeing how that disproves a very..." in Why Quantum?

John Merryman: "Tom, We have been debating this issue for years now, so it isn't a..." in Your Invitation to FQXi's...

Thomas Ray: "Rats. I wish we could check these links before posting. ..." in Why Quantum?

dieu le: "Hi Steve, The scientists at the University of New South Wales in Sydney,..." in Alternative Models of...

Thomas Ray: "It does not follow that because quantum theory needs tweaking that..." in The Quantum Truth Seeker

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The Quantum Truth Seeker
Watching particles fly through an interferometer might help to unveil higher-order weirdness behind quantum theory.

Quantifying Occam
Is the simplest answer always the best? Connecting Medieval monks to computational complexity, using the branch of mathematics known as category theory.

Heart of Darkness
An intrepid physicist attempts to climb into the core of black hole.

Why Quantum?
Entropy could explain why nature chose to play by quantum rules.

Reality's NeverEnding Story
A quantum version of Darwinian natural selection could enable the universe to write itself into being.

September 24, 2014

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The idea of a "science hostel" is interesting - a sort of secular equivalent, but heterosexual, of a monastery.

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