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Eckard Blumschein: "Dear Vladimir, Does the world need a "deep restart" of UN? Well,..." in How Should Humanity Steer...

Jason Wolfe: "But if I asked you to build an IC chip that could suffer, that could feel..." in Ripping Apart Einstein

Georgina Parry: "Jason, The scientific evidence we have suggests that the self is a..." in Ripping Apart Einstein

Pentcho Valev: "Einstein 1918 Contradicts Einstein 1905 ON THE ELECTRODYNAMICS OF MOVING..." in Faster than Light

Akinbo Ojo: "Peter J, You may well be right about the more exotic phenomena like..." in Why Quantum?

Vladimir Rogozhin: "Dear Eckard, Do you think that such a view of the history of World War..." in How Should Humanity Steer...

Steve Agnew: "Plasma and aether...okay, now I can place where you are coming from. Whew! ..." in Why Quantum?

Pentcho Valev: "Is Physics in Danger ? The top of a tower of height h emits light with..." in Faster than Light

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Heart of Darkness
An intrepid physicist attempts to climb into the core of black hole.

Why Quantum?
Entropy could explain why nature chose to play by quantum rules.

Reality's NeverEnding Story
A quantum version of Darwinian natural selection could enable the universe to write itself into being.

The Quantum Dictionary
Mark Van Raamsdonk is re-writing how we define the shape of our universe. Can such translations help to unite quantum theory and gravity?

Q&A with Paul Davies: What is Time?
Where does time come from? Why does it seem to flow?

July 28, 2014

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The idea of a "science hostel" is interesting - a sort of secular equivalent, but heterosexual, of a monastery.

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